Woodlines Parasol

Premium Collection

Premium Collection’s Woodlines parasol is a luxurious wooden parasol that distinguishes itself from the rest of its class due to the telescopic pole that allows opening and closing without interfering with the elements beneath and around it. It is available in square and rectagular shapes.

Customisation adjusted to the brand.

Features & Options

Wooden parasol with telescopic pole

A parasol that is distinguished by the telescopic device located on its pole, its elegance and the quality of the wood and materials used.

The structure is made of painted wood for outdoors, with lamellar pine essence pole, quick release slats in toupilier essence and collar, crown and tip in alder essence.

The opening/closing telescopic mechanism with double pulley is equipped of 100% polyester braid rope, metal plug for locking and rope winder.

Available in square and rectangular formats

This parasol is available in 3x3m and 4x4m square shapes and 3x4m rectangular shapes.

Available in polyester, olefin and acrylic fabric.

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