Hotel Parasol

Premium Collection

Premium Collection’s Hotel Parasol is available in square and round shapes. It stands out for its elegance and minimalism.

Customisation adjusted to the brand.

Characteristics & Options

Elegance & Minimalism

Hotel parasol stands out by the minimalist and refined feel it gives to a space with a recognised elegance.

It can be found with or without tilt and it has a bipartite pole.

Adjustable and Customisable

This parasol is available in a square shape of 1.80mx1.80m and in a round shape with 1.80m, 2m and 2.5m.

In our catalogue you can find fabrics such as polyester and olefin, but you can also choose a different one.

Steel or aluminium pole.

It is possible to customise it.




*Base not included.

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