Apple Parasol

Premium Collection

Premium Collection’s Apple Parasol assures a huge strength and it is distinct by its modern design and telescopic opening that allows opening and closing the parasol without having to move objects or structures nearby.

Customisation adjusted to the brand.

Characteristics & Options

Robust & Resistant

This parasol distinguishes itself by its octogonal pole with an impressive robustness.

Aluminium pole diameter ranging from 65mm to 80mm depending on the model.

Frame in the same material.

The coverage area of this parasol is extensive reaching 16m2 in the larger parasol.

Adjustable & Customisable

This parasol is available in a square shape of 3.5×3.5m and 4x4m.

Although the original fabric is 100% polyester, you can change it to a different one in our catalogue namely an acrylic or a fire retardant fabric.

Telescopic opening

The telescopic opening mechanism allows the parasol to rise when it is closed, not taking up space or disturbing the usual terrace spacing.





Base not included

Optional fixation

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