About us

We are an industrial based company and a reference in the parasol and umbrella manufacturing sector in Portugal.
We also offer several business solutions for customising brand's outdoor materials, such as flags, awnings, wind breaks and towels.

Jossois Guarda-Sois e Guarda-Chuvas História

Our Story

Jossois has been operating since 1976.

It all started by the hands of Almerinda Araújo Oliveira and Joaquim Oliveira Pereira, founders and parents of the current administrator José Pereira. Jossois began its activity in the 70’s, in a time after April 25th, the portuguese end of dictatorship date, producing umbrellas in Portela do Vade, Vila Verde in Braga district.

The business grew and so did the product range, and in the 90’s, Jossois was already a reference in the industry of parasol and umbrella production.

The business thrived and in the end of 2008, Jossois moved to new, bigger, safer and production fit facilities in Soutelo, Vila Verde.

Today, with the help of his children and all employees, in a generational business, Jossois aims to keep the same values, the respect for people and the environment, always focusing on quality and innovation.

Our Mission...

Our Vision...

Our Values...

Our Customers

Jossois is commited to treating every customer with professionalism, efficiency, respect, loyalty, good faith and dedication.
We treat our customers based on equality and indiscrimination, seeking to satisfy their needs, fulfilling the agreed conditions, honouring commitments and expectations.
Jossois guarantees its customers their data protection and confidentiality.


Joining forces we can all make a difference and Jossois is no exception either. Our processes are respectful of the environment and the surrounding community.
We make all the efforts to minimize our footprint's effect on the environment.

Quality System

The international recognition of the EN ISO 9001:2015 standard highlights Jossois’ image and provides a continuous improvement in our work system, which in turn has a very positive reflect on our daily results.

Awards and Certifications

The certificates awarded to Jossois provide a set of financial and non-financial benefits as well as public recognition of quality performance, reinforcing our image and brand awareness.

These certificates are a set of actions performed by Jossois, such as financial strength, economic performance, innovation capacity, entrepreneurial vision, among others.

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